Monday, October 20, 2008

Rashid Fekkak orates cinema through his "Carte Blanche"

Just after this 16th day of october which is a national day of cinema in Morocco, Rashid Fekkak in his Radio program « Carte Blanche » suggests to bring us his beloved friend Saâd Chraîbi ,another tink-tank of Moroccan cinema .

Rashid Fekkak himself is an animator,actor and above all teaches Theatre which is a passion to him that he adores fervently.In his program « Carte Blanche » Saâd Chraîbi is debated as a socio-culturel figure which Moroccan cinema can’t deny .That is true ,but i think to introduce Saâd Chraîbi as the salvation army soldier who without him, Moroccan cinema is passing away ,i think it is wrong especially ever since the independence of Morocco ,young people studying cinema in Europe come to their country introducing cinema as a a cultural tool but unfortunatly denied by the political state,see Hasand The second era. However, some film-makers have in fact succeeded to produce their individual cinema influenced by surealism like forexample Hamid Bennani « Washma » .

It is true Saâd Chraîb,along with many Intellectuals naming forexample Razak who want to present cinema as a socio-cultural mirror of this country,the first one as a movie-maker abd the other one as a film-critic.

The period of the seventies was booming of great movies that had great impact on Moroccan cinema-goers ;Russian Cinema ,french Nouvelle Vague and some Bollywood movies either Masala films or Art movies as they called them in India created by the neo-realistic Hindu film director,Satyjit Ray .
Allal El Alaoui