Sunday, October 26, 2008

International Film Festival in Salé cancelled.

It is a pity to hear that the 2008 International Film Festival in Salé is well cancelled by the director of the festival who seems to have hardships due to the lack of professionalism and coolness,states a free –lance journalists.

I have myself had the same difficulty when I screened my film documentary “Madinati-Oummi” before the Association of Bou Regreg comity led by the director himself who just could not want to be there to watch it. I feel that it is an act of discrimination done to me by the director named, Abdellatif Assadi.

The international film festival is funded by Moroccan government, and that it should welcome all artistic works of its citizens .This festival is still having logistical and administrative difficulties, despite of its beautiful aim which is to
promote women around the globe
in filmmaking industries and to raise awareness of problems confronting them.

Allal El Alaoui

Salé Festival