Sunday, October 26, 2008

Habiba Belkacem, an energetic woman of cinematic co-productions

Alongside a beautiful cost of the Moroccan ocean, there lies BigShot,a cinematic production building led by a handsome woman called Habiba Belkacem.Habiba seems to be one of those competitive producer of movies in Morocco.She speaks fluent french and Arabic and she is a very communicative woman.

In fact ,Habiba is lucky to have such a wonderful place for her cinematic productions near the big mosque of Casablanca called Hassan second Mosque and her productive building faces the ocean which ironically metamorphoses international “look ahead” and future co-productions ,and indeed habiba manages to have national fund spearheaded by ccm and looks forward to co-produce with Moroccan and Belgium cew very soon a movie around Taza called Ahmed Gassiaux written and directed by Ismael Saidi .

Allal El Alaoui

Crew of Ahmed Gassiaux

Productrice : Habiaba Belkacem
1er Assistant-rélaisateur : Baudoin du Bois
2éme Assistant-réalisteur : Allal El Alaoui
Sécretaire de la production : Nadia Ziani
Adminidtrateur de production Stagiaire : Rashid Daoudi
Scripre : Wafae El Hakimi
Régisseur : Afaadas Mohammed
Assistant Régisseur Stagiaire : Mohammed Oubry
Chef Décorateur Etranger : Yvan Bruyère
Chef Decorateur Marocain : Alaoui Bel Hassan Fatima
Accesssoiriste : Rashid Lahlali
SFX : Brahim Chkiri
1er Assistant Cameraman : Haj Rifki
Chef Electricien : Abderrahim Bissar
Electricien : Zouhir Bissar
Chef Machiniste : Aziz Bizzi,
Machiniste : Driss Bizzi
Chef Costumière : Suzanne Van Well
Assistant stagiaire costumière : Wafae Faraj
Assistant costumier stagiaire : Mohssine Abdellah
Chef Maquilleuse :Leila Ben Brahim
Coiffeuse : Loutati Saadia
Ingénieur du son : Karim Ronda
Perchman : Adil Jdira
Camion : Mustapha Boussif
Camion : Aziz Hanan
Minibus : Mustapha Moulazim