Friday, October 10, 2008

El Charkaoui Mohammed plans to shoot a film documentary on Imane Jenbari.

El Charkaoui Mohammed is motivated by Imane’s great interest of Bollywood especially her dream to meet the mega-star of Bollywood ,Sharoukh Khan.That is why, this free-lance journalist plans to make a film documentary on Imane very soon starting from her hometown Marrakech.During his filmic preparation , El Charkaoui intends to meet Moroccan bollyphiles and filmmakers namely Razak Abderazzak, Mustapha Hayrane Mahmoud Frites and Allal El Alaoui,because Mohammed apparently wants to have solid information on Indian cinema especially Bollywood .

In 2006 in Marrakech, when El charkaoui still trudged to be a cinemagoer, Emane Jenbari was given the honor to meet the Indian Stars who came to Marrakech .Imane was radiant and so happy that national press in Morocco made scoops on her. Imane Jenbari is a Moroccan Bollyphile born in Marrakech, 10/06/1992 and speaks amasingly Hindustani . She has a Hindu nickname called Sapna Khan and a weblog ( where she writes daily news on Bolly stars including downloading Bollywood special scenes from youtube to her blog. Good Luck El Charkaoui

Allal El Alaoui

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