Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Cultural manager of Mohammed The fiveth National Theatre is Abdellatif Nassib Mesnaoui .

When we talk about Mohammed the fiveth theatre,we talk mainly of acting .I can mention proudly great classical names who pioneered true acting without learning drama at professional schools like Taib Laalej ,Mohammed Doghmi,Nezha Regragui and many others .However, acting that time was convincing and stylish.

It is true that now acting becomes more professional, attractive and convincing by adopting tutors from Morocco,Belgium and France teaching international conceptions taken from Greek Drama ,Shakespear's Elisabethian plays and of course contemporary works of Antonin Artaud and Constantine Stanislavski's System .Now ISADAC ,a drama school situated just near the national theatre, has produced adorable names in the world of Moroccan media such as Mona Fettou, Mohamed Khouyi. and Abdellatif Nassib Mesnaoui and many others.

Now,Mohammed The fiveth National Theatre has scheduled programs all over the year and has made plans so that theatre-goers can come to see all entertainments proposed to them .This policy is managed very well thanks to Abdellatif El Mesnaoui 's new vision whose administrative efforts begin to give its handsome fruits .Being an assertive person,Abdu as he is called among his colleagues,has directed some plays and also some cinematic shortfilms and now he spearheads the national theatre in Rabat ,not ignoring of course his beloved passion which is acting .Around halls of his theatre,Abdellatif’s ghost is eveywhere and he certainly knows what to do especially he has recently managed to sign considerable conventions between national institutions and his theatre mentioning forexample SNRT, Maroc Telecome, Maroc Post and more in order to render his theatre more appealing and modern .

Allal El Alaoui

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