Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soon an exlusive interview with Mohammed Gsaib.

Sleeping eyes,fragile soul and a wonderful artist,it is about Mohamed Gsaib.He is one of the best ever primed Tv director in SNRT.He has proudly lived with three kings and has worked with two;Hassan The second and Mohammed the Sixth .

Surely The artist has given a lot to Moroccan television and this can not be denied by those who hate him .Therefore,Mohammed Ksaib has special things and advices to TV technicians that will certainly lighten harsh roads of tasting to be great in Moroccan media and especially Gsaib is now feeling so keen to pass a message to his highness which he loves so much as he loves his parents and profession .
Mohammed discovers this weblog that he respects a lot and wants to make a roar mingled with joy and pain hoping that his utter words reach corridors of those who have noble blood .Here is the interview in Arabic ....