Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rabat-Salé goes wild via spectacular extravanganzas

On the 21 of august 2008,Rabat-Salé will certainly presenting a fervent night to Rbaty and Slawi people because it is about a spectacular night where we will see beautiful scenaries performed by children of Bou Regreg as their association bases in Salé named them already and no doubt the legendary river of the two town called Bou Regreg will be glitering inspiring its natives to sweet dreams.

Snrt will be there with its two heavy tracks .One will be filming live from Rabat and the other is from Salé .Preparations are assured with Lady Boubid and SNRT spearheaded by Khalid Ibrahimi who has proved to learn quickly technically mainly in his latest Tv film work called Al Abbassiya written by Abbass Fourag.

Allal El Alaoui.