Saturday, August 23, 2008

Argana women inspire documentary film - makers

Asseisse corporative in Essaouira : Hakima

Argan oil – what is it?
Argan oil consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, oleic and linoleic fat. It is rich in natural vitamin E and
holds exceptional acid and sterol values.
As a culinary-seasoning oil it adds an exceptionally refined delicate note to your salads, vegetable, fish or
meat dishes, and it is, thanks to its natural composition, so healthy that it outshines even the best olive oil.
Used in cosmetic products, the Argan oil protects the skin actively from dryness, making it soft and elastic. It
protects against skin irritations and has well proven anti-aging effects.
The homeland of this tree consists of an area of about 800,000 hectares, in a region, which has been
declared as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. For unknown reasons this tree cannot thrive in any other
part of the world.
It yields fruit once or twice yearly, which are hand-picked. For centuries, in Morocco the Argan oil has been
used and praised for its culinary, cosmetic and medical properties.
The Argan tree (latin: argania spinosa) exists and grows solely in one place in the world: in the heart of

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