Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A stolen country called Palestine between poetry of Mahmud Darwish and cinematic images combined into graceful piano .

Either Randy Weston soft-piano notes written for African rythms or Chopin musical notes are being thought and debated to play on Mahmoud Darwish poetic verses . SNRT might be targeted by some intellectuals including a new vision fabricated by Allal El Alaoui and his production staff , are to introduce vey soon an artistic project for national Tv in Morocco spearheaded by Faisal Laraichi.This refection will celebrate the Palestian Nekba of more than 100 yers of occupations.

Mahmud Darwish was born in Al-Birwah near Akka in 1941. In 1948, the village was attacked by the Zionists and its people left to other places. Darwish ran away at the age of seven to find himself in Lebanon knowing nothing about his family. A year later, he went back to Palestine to find his village totally ruined and an Israeli settlement is in its place. In 1964, he emerged as a major voice of the Palestinian resistance with Awraq Al-zaytun (Leaves of olives). His poetry became extremely popular, especially Identity Card written in 1964 :


I am an Arab

And my identity card is number fifty thousand

I have eight children

And the ninth is coming after a summer

Will you be angry?


I am an Arab

I have a name without a title

Patient in a country

Where people are enraged . . ."

Allal El Alaoui