Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nour-eddine Bamhawoud, a brilliant tv director of sports live .

Nour -eddine was born in Rabat around Swika suburbs,a place called Boukroun where a famous restaurant belonging to his grand -father used to be frequented by Rbaty lovers to listen up to Arabic classical music such as Oum -Koultoum and Abdelouham Mohammed .

RTM, now becomes SNRT, must acknowledge artistic dedications that Bamhawoud family has given to the Moroccan national telelvision; brilliant actor like Ibrahim bamhawoud ,graphist like S.Bamhawoud and sports tv director like Nour -eddine .This latter has started his career as mixer and editor and indeed he used to mix up artistic and sportive programs through monolog and digital machines and this allows him to be a brilliant Tv sports director along with Karim and Tawfiq Mustablid

SNRT technicians believe that Nour-eddine Bamhawoud is quite lucky ,because matches that he usually captures, are being watched on- line by Faisal Laraichi himself via his TNT mobile phone and that is something that Nour-eddine should be proud of ,getitng a gentle gift from the president-director of SNRT .

Allal El Alaoui