Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The image of Mekness through the eyes of a cool man named Hassan Aourid.

Although the festival of Meknès-Tafilalet 2008, spearheaded by Hassan Aourid,the Wali of Mekness,is deprived from technical backgrounds such as artistic director and technical co-ordinators for the benefit of the festival, there are things that are remarkably handsome and symbolic about this artistic event especially artists who show their talents upon the prison of Kara named also Qobat Assoufara which is something very iconic for the openess that Morocco is having,states Leila El Baaj, the president of Mekness association .

Being an agricultural town,Mekness could not resist to go into its deepest culture by calling out Sahara artistic troupes like Jerafa ,Damon and Tetwan Arab-Andalusia music which have ,in fact, given special flavours to this 2008 festival already fabricated by Leila El Baaj, led fervently by a cool intellectual called Hassan Aourid.

Believe it or do not believe it.Hassan is seen omnipresent around the arena of the stage among that incredible prison of death called in arabic "Al Habss Al Kahra".Aourid with his extravangant look, tries to beautify the scenary around Qobat Assoufara " house of ambassadors" that he insisted to be noticed by artistic lights of the festival.Through out his mere modesty,Hassan is also seen to do several jobs starting from cleaning the floor of stage,directing his bureaucrats to let go Meknessis to enjoy their festival without severe restrictions , writing poetic verses to welcoming the officials .

Too many observers state that the new age that Morocco wanted to have, has sadly gone, but the way that Hassan is leading his Ishmaelite town, gives fortunately a new breathe not to eternalize Mekness, but may be to redepart with sure steps towards a glorious age .

Allal El Alaoui