Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FNAP makes magical images out of Marrakech

Marrakech Popular Arts Theatres

It is not FIFM but it is FNAP, Marrakech Foundation of Popular Arts held from 14 to 19 of this year 2008.Anybody who comes to Marrakech, he or she will be astonished about the mise-en –scene that Abbes Fourag has done for this 43rd edition .It is a brilliant success because apparently, Abbas uses the verbal monologue narrated by a local actor Lachgar who with his wife in the right arena of the stage, introduces us every aspect of verbal popular arts that Morocco is proud of.

Bensouda team has thought to dispatch artistic groups around Marrakech in which he believes that 150.000 of theatre –goers will come to enjoy and among those audiences foreigners that come from every corner of this world. So, this audience will see 30 shows out of 32 traditional groups and 13 introduce modern musicals displayed by Moroccan youth.

To give to this festival a beautiful breath, Bensouda team thinks to present Marrakech through traditional clothing which is a specific initiative that will certainly colour the moods of this festival .Right in the stage, women will decorate their hands using El Hanna,a spiritual herb used very often for weddings and by surprise it is also used for this same purpose in India.

Press is omnipresent either locally or internationally. There are 150 journalists and several tv channel including SNRT.One of the distinguished thing that the festival is proud of is the collaboration of Moroccan Maestros called in Moroccan dialect El Maallamin who have willingly led their tribes to Marrakech for joy and entertainment.

writen by Allal El Alaoui