Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mahmoud Frites makes box Office again by producing his new film called Ex-Shamkar.

Mahmoud Frites has done it again .The man is soon screening his new film called Ex-Shamkar which is about some homeless people who have nothing to lose in a society dominated by money and business.

Ex-Shamkar will certainly make box office in Morocco and we are about to see too many cinephiles going to cinema theatres in big cities like Rabat,Casablanca Fes and Marrakech to find the new challenge of this new born director.This film treats with lucid imagination and honesty of his film director Mahmoud Frites, some immoral behaviours of Moroccan societry like sex dealers, blue films(pornography), drugs and hot nights financed by Oil dollar installers in Morocco.

` Allal El Alaoui