Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Al Madinte Al Oum between ADFM and Entraide National .

On November 14 2007, ADFM organised a debate with the female members of Parliament within the framework of the National Campaign. It addressed lifting the restrictions imposed by the Moroccan government on the CEDAW Convention.

During this meeting, the national president of ADFM made a brief presentation on contents of the CEDAW, recalling its principal articles on discrimination of women.

Subsequently, Mrs. Rabéa Naciri held a presentation on Morocco and the CEDAW . She addressed pleadings made towards the Moroccan government to put into practice its commitments to the CEDAW.

Mrs. Rabéa Naciri stressed the international character of this campaign and mentioned the regional conference in Rabat in June 2006. This conference reunited all North African and Middle East countries and eventually led to the creation of the Assembly of Rabat (Appel de Rabat), “Equality Without Restrictions” and a comprehensive strategy action plan.

Furthermore, the president of ADFM used the occasion to mention the different activities undertaken on a national level to inform the public on this matter including:
- Publicity was generated in the writing press for the Assembly of Rabat and its list of associations that enforce the initiative;
- Letters were sent to the Prime Ministers Driss Jettou et Abbas Fassi accompanied by lists with the names of about 500 sympathising associations
- A press conference has been organised;
- A press communication has been published.

Furthermore, the President of ADFM reminded the present female Members of Parliament that the role of the legislative institutions is of utmost importance and can determine the outcome of reforms that Morocco has experienced in the past several years. Therefore, the President called upon the parliament, and more specificly the role of the female Delegates, to react to the pleas from the civic society by lifting the restrictions on the CEDAW and ratifying its optional protocol.

During the debate, the Delegates were questioned on the manners that can be used to strengthen the cooperation between women’s rights organisations and the delegates in favour of abolishing the restrictions on the CEDAW as well as the ratification of its optional protocol.

The participants of the debate agreed:
- To create a work unit that will eventually expand;
- To provide the female Members of Parliament with all the information on the subject, and to ensure that files on all other pending women’s rights questions are prepared;
- To have an informal breakfast meeting once a month in order to have a setting where ideas can be exchanged.

NB. In order to put these plans into practice, ADFM later contacted the women deputies to clarify the dates for the previously mentioned monthly gatherings. With this information, ADFM can undertake the organisation of these meetings.

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