Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cinema and Moroccan Intellectuals.

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Abdellah Laraoui

Cinema has fascinated Moroccan Intellectuals before the independence .Usually,words are admired by the intellectuals ,but the twentieth century 's new era of inventing cinema, has shaped new love of this marvellous mechanic and yet moving images .Domestic intelletuals would love to go cinema-theatres so as to enjoy world magical stories ,and others ,because their devotion of study, discovered cinema outside their homes mainly Paris, New york, Rome and Madrid .One of the leading Moroccan intellectuals who was fascinated by the impact of images on people is Mehdi Ben Barka who would love to write his own scenarios so as to free the world , others just like Abdelallah Laraoui,Mohammed Eddahan,Nour-eddine Sail,Driss Jaidi, Abderazak Razak vary their love and prefer to stick to criticsm .( Allal EL Alaoui)