Sunday, January 07, 2007

sandra carter loves Indian movies, versus what would a scholar say

1 *- As a scholar. what do you think about the new
>Indian cinema ?
There are two things that are problems in answering this question--I
personally love Indian movies, versus what would a scholar say? And
I'm not
sure what you mean by "new" Indian cinema. I've been watching Indian
since I took a class on them at the University of Texas at Austin back
the late 70's--and I've always loved all, from the "standard" style of
melodrama / song/ love to the more independent or new wave that has
parallelled the mass produced genre of Indian films. I'm not sure I've
any "new" Indian cinema, not knowing exactly what you mean, but have
Water and Fire and Bride and Prejudice...mostly accidentally whatever
was in
Derb Ghallaf or Rabat joutiya.
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