Monday, January 22, 2007

Aparna Sen,a great talented woman filmmaker in India

Director Aparna Sen with her actor-daughter Konkona ( published yesterday in The Times od India ,21january2007)

Aparna Sen

Respecting my readers on my personal blogpot named cinema and movies , i want to summarize the message of the virtual magazine of Art called Indian cinema events to international bollyphiles and cinemagoers.
People of Indian cinema events will find my idea to translate their interviews and meetings with Bollywood stars very promoting because apparently we have one common interest is to promote Indian cinema through out the world.
Today my guest is Aparna Sen , an Indian actress and filmmaker who has been successful to combine the two artistic works . This interview was dated by the cinema events magazine interface on 11 septembre 2005.
Aparna Sen is a woman who finds herself joined great names of the Indian cinema . One of her brilliant style is rather « realistic and sometimes surrealistic » inspired by the great master of Neo-realism influence, Satyajit Ray. Curious,engaged and passionate, she discovers new themes by using the universal language of emotions. The lady was rewarded too many times by distinguished people either domestically or internationaly.
Mr & Mrs Iyer gathered not only prestigious rewards, but also remained successful in box office during months though it is not a commercian film .

ICE (Allal) : Please , tell us how did you get the passion of being a commedian and the same time a filmmaker. You are indeed a rare example of the Indian woman who succeeded in both professions ?

Aparna Sen : My parents and Ray knew each other ever since i was 15 years old. They were very close friends and my father was among the fondators of Calcutta Film Society with Satyajit Ray. That is why we were involved into international cinema since our adolescence by paticipation in Cine-clubs etc. I should have then 14 years when Ray had chosen me to play in his film Teen Kanya. Tagore celebrated its hundred years and the film was an adaptation of the written history of this latter.Thas was how i began my work on cinema .After a pause of 4 years waiting to finish my studied – I don’t forget that i had only 14 years then .I went through commercial cinema, a necessary experience that gave me shape of an actress.

Later in 1981, I have written and directed my first film, 36 Chowringhee Lane that is really a national and international success, a marvellous chance to a beginning filmmaker. This gives you a supplimetary motivation to carry on what you really love to make. i had the chance to focus on my two passions: To be a commedian and to direct films,but also to meet extra-ordianry people, and also write about my society stories …..

To be continued later............