Thursday, March 30, 2017

Questions on Moroccan Film Industry

By Allal El Alaoui

        Some say that Moroccan cinema is abducted . I personally do not think so , why ? because we have to go back to our history in order to look for this matter as to know   whether we have an industry of this art  or not . Do we have free industry of cinema ? No, we do not . Yet, we have a static one, that is to say our government funds Moroccan filmmakers and believe me too many foreign countries envy us of this political decision and thus we have a governmental cinema spearheaded by free creation of cinema-goers. So, Moroccan cinema is not abducted but it is not yet internationally acclaimed and marked, though some movies make the difference and become more controversial.

        Recently, there have been debates on how to make good movies in quality rather than in quantity. We produced more than 25 films per year. That is a good and confortable position among Arab and African countries. Former minister of culture Mohammed Achaari, states that we should have a national conference on drama because what has been presented on national TVs is extremely poor in quality and of course this is related to the movies too. Driss El Khouri , Moroccan satire and an acclaimed  novelist  says why do we have to write in a society that does not read ?  We have also cinema- goers around just like Driss El Korri and Abdellailah EL Jaouhaoui, Noureddine Boukhsibi and more cinema-goers saying that why we produce films knowing that we do not have cinema –theatres? It is a national debate that still continues to be discussed and thought about.

         In order to have a cinematic industry in Morocco, the private sector has to be involved. If not, the government should raise funds to encourage new filmmakers to make films. Creation and artistry  in movies come from having wide imagination, training and continued training and working as much as possible in national and international industries. We must also control production companies that only have the mentality of looting and stealing .No doubt , filmmakers should be motivated and encouraged because of their visions and creations of their society. Cinematic styles must also  be respected and highly praised because it marks the evolution of cinema in our country .