Friday, October 21, 2016

Cinemagoers to pause at Youssef's Ecolodge

Of Course, super and mega -stars prefer to go popular Kasbat in Ouarzazate because they love to get in touch with common people . Some of them go to visit Yousef's Ecolodge , a nice Hotel which is situated at the most beatiful area of Ourazazarte.

 Near to a golden river attached hsitorically to the famous Oued Daraa where trade of gold , silk and mainly salt  called Taoudenni that come right from Timbouktu via  Fes ,Tafilat and Zagora . If commerce has boomed out right in Sahara, that is because of  romantic tents ,Kasbats and  hotels and now we speak of Ecolodge especially the one who is spearheaded  Youssef , a smiling man that you will not regret to meet up with .

    Please  contact  Yousse in Ouarzazazte GSM :  00212666177610