Friday, July 01, 2016

The will by Allal El Alaoui is in California

The will is selected in fan boy film festival in the states and voting will start  on the 15Th of july

Congratulations on being selected to this year’s film festival!

We set out to do something special this year. We offered free submissions and are offering free streaming while awarding some pretty hefty cash prizes based on fan votes. Our mission is to create a global community of filmmakers and film fans – to create an all inclusive film festival unlimited by geography, screening schedules and the traditional Hollywood BS.  And, we’re succeeding! We are proud of each one of our selections. Each film brings its own creative style to this year’s festival.

You will find a link below to our Official 2016 Fan Boy Film Festival Laurel.

We’re a different film festival. We do not abide by the normal pomp and circumstance or etiquette of other film festivals, so naturally we have a different laurel. This laurel exemplifies the spirit of the Fan Boy Film Festival. We simply request that you do not edit the laurel. Let your film posters wear it with pride!

Festival starts July 15th, at which time fans will be able to vote on their favorite films! We encourage filmmakers to promote their films on their social media networks in order to get votes to win the cash prizes. Remember, streaming and voting is 100% free.