Saturday, July 30, 2016

Exquisite poetry from Taza by Rachida Bourzigui

                                 Moving beningly clothed in softness ; touched by grace of Allah . This is a woman who chooses to be a poet in order to touch the deepest side of souls . Certainly , Rachida has been an active tink-tank of essays ; words and its magic ,She is respected in her native montagnous town called Taza where Racida is born , her first poem, After your departure , was published in 2012 followed by a new promising onetha is  praised both locally and in the Arabic world called  Spring Call .

Morning bird has gone
He was there alone
Of the cold winter
He dribbles nights
He asked permission to arrange his sorrow
with inebriated nostalgia
He sang his last lamentation
And a bird without wings
As the wailing of the ends
A burning tree inside me
On the branch of the crucified nostalgia

By Rachida Bourzigui

ترجمة حميد شكل Hamid CH by

ترجمة من العربية الى الانجليزية لقصيدة عصفور الصباح من ديوان الشاعرة Rachida Bourzigui عصفور الصباح مضى وحيدا كان هناك يراوغ ليالي الشتاء الباردة استأذنني لترتيب حزنه وبثمالة حنين غنى رثاءه الأخير كما أنين النهايات بداخلي شجرة تحترق وعصفور بلا جناحين على غصن الحنين مصلوب ترجمة حميد شكل Hamid CH by