Saturday, May 28, 2016

Reading can make you happy .

                 This is a Moroccan filmmaker who had this bright idea: launching a national campaign to culture and awareness. Encouraging more reading classics especially works of the world literature, enjoying some of the treasures of great music and discover master paintings.

                   Kamal Kamal unveiled plans there over a year.  allowing me some suggestions and ideas to enrich this unique concept. A year later, we are hard at work ready for this promising sharing.

                    In addition to the works on the program, we plan to produce 15 national premium television: the first 12 candidates will struggle in 2400 is 200 by region and issue. The last 3 will pit the best of them to the final after which will be awarded the 3 best candidates: the first will receive a cool $ 1 million dirhams, the second will receive 500,000 dirhams and the third 200,000 dirhams.

                   Other competitions are planned especially for children and prisoners. But more than the competition, motivating the rest, this campaign aims to open up opportunities for a company that is dangerously away from the culture of the arts. But we must remember that  culture remains the best bulwark against obscurantism whose consequences are catastrophic. Our country conducted a policy of Arabization which proved detrimental to have procreated illiterate bilingual, "bilingual" disoriented.

                   No theatrical education or film culture, by inciting reading or painting even less to the study of music. Many defects that facilitate the infiltration of extremist ideas an annual basis. Every year so we will offer the best literary works, Anthology pieces of classical music, pictures signed by the greatest painters and films of global directory hoping that our citizens will be achieved by this virus called artistic and literary curiosity. Not to be confused with "Tberguig" in which we are absolute masters for many decades.

  It's time to change. One philosophy says: "Culture is what remains when one has forgotten everything." We, did we forget to cultivate ourselves? I dare to believe, but it's true for the overwhelming majority. It's a shame and greatly damaging. So let many to participate in this campaign for the culture. This will necessarily something.

Omar Salim.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Will by Allal El Alaoui is selected in Fanboy Film Festival in The US .

Synopsis  in English          

An old nomad in Moroccan Sahara advices his three sons to take care of their mother because she is the sourse of their existance . 



Réalisateur                                                                     Scénario et dialogue
Allal El Alaoui                                                              Allal El Alaoui 

Production                                                                   Seller
SNRT                                                                              SNRT     

Distributeur                                                                   Directeur Artistique Son
SNRT                                                                             Brahim Bewafiie

Montage Son                                                                 Mixage Son
Brahim Bewafiie                                                        Brahim Bewafiie

Musique                                                                         Montage
Amine Naim                                                                                     Mohamed Ahmich


Mohamed Belmiloudi                                       Voix – monologue

                                                                                      Amine Naim

Mohamed Ben Brahim
Fatima Bassour
Salah Ben Salah
Kenza Fridou
Hind Dafer
Mohamed Bassou
Racha Haiil

Decors                                                                     Effects speciaux
Mohamed Achich                                               Mohamed Ahmich

Musique originale                                           Scenario original

                                                                          Allal El Alaoui

Résumé en Arabe

تحكي قصة هذا الشريط القصير عن احتضار شيخ أمام عائلته وهو قائد لقافلة منذ سنوات حيث يوصي ابناءه الثلاثة بأن شروط قيادة القافلة في الصحراء هي التحلي بالصبر والحكمة بالإضافة الى وجود قلب مسالم وتائب. ويواصل الشيخ حكي تجربته الماضية في الحياة حيث يواجه صعوبات كبيرة تتمثل بخيانة زوجته ومحاولة قتله من طرف عيسى الذى يطمح للوصول الى قيادة القافلة بكل الطرق والسبل معتمدا في ذلك على مكر وعقلية المؤامرة يطو وهي زوجة هذا الأخير ذات سلوك شيطاني وخبي

Resumé en Français

Un nomade subit une trahison conjugale  et aussi complot conspiratif par  son cousin. Avant de mourir, Sheikh conseille ces fils d avoir un grand cœur pour  tolérer et surtout pardonner.

Réalisateur : Allal EL Alaoui

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Blinking in cinema

                                                                        Micheal Caine

Blinking of actors can direct our thoughts .In fact, blinking of an actor is when he or she changes hsi thought ; Good editors cut sometimes  when acctors do and sometimes they do not .one of the good actors that he is good at  blink is Micheal Caine. He does not blink too much when listening to his foel ot talking .