Thursday, March 03, 2016

writing scripts .

By Allal El Alaoui
Tangiers 2016

                          How amazing to be among  script writers just like Fatima Loukili , script doctor Mohamad Laroussi ,professioxnal script consultant ,  Najib Rfaif and  filmmaker ,  Abdessalem Laklai . Unfortunately , too many  speakers  of this intellectual meeting  of the 17th National Film Festival Held in Tangiers,  about how to write movies focused only on Moroccan cinema and its future being  rather then  to speak about character , plot ,  subtext and genre .

                          I think the success  of films is how to write your drafts by thinking about  character and his or her traits , his complexicity and his relationships to other characters mainly the  opponent  , allies and faked allies . Plot creates character and character creates plot.what about intellectual nutrition that is to say , making a lot of research , reading a lot of scripts , watching too many movies and meeting people related to your script and rewrite .

                           I think writing dialog is the last thing that you can touch because of pacing , rythem . Dialog is a text but the subtext is the difficult one. The text has to do with direct and boring talk whearas subtext is related to the meaning . Cinema is  metaphor and dialog can not be written directly from the street or from books or from universities . Subtext is another magical language magically written only to the theatre audience.Certainly when the audience makes its exit from cinemas , it says ‘ What a wonderful story " because of the subtext, the metaphor , the cinematic language , the visuals and mainly the actors .

                                                                                                By Allal El Alaoui