Thursday, December 24, 2015

Self-revelation and me.


Written by Allal El alaoui

                Self-revelation could happen at the right moment of the beginning of any film  and it does at the end too.I know this through torturing myself, with love of course ,to watch a lot of movies .I also know this  from Trubynizing and Mckeenizing myself  out of reading their
 books , Story of RobertMckee and the Anatomy of Story by John Truby.

               Surely, Story by McKee is a wonderful screenwriting book that teaches me a lot .This is the truth .Yet, Truby’s the Anatomy of The Story,  speaks to my soul  directly as The magical stories of One Thousand and One Nights do.

             Apparently, Truby’s has caught my “ Inside out ". I struggle everyday to write a draft that uses the Chapter 8/4 of the Anatomy of The Story which I find more appealing and more convincing in structure writing .

           “Comment faire ? “ . This is a continuous dilemma of mind as it is to my character. How to start ? Bloody Hell . Writing character or create plot.Character is plot and plot is character.The trick to formulate the three-  act structure hurts me and it is  a pain in the ass. May be I could break the rules and write five or more acts the same thing as Quentin Taratino does. 

            As a matter of fact , simplicity prevails .I should write the thing from my Inside out, from my self experiences , my self- revelation .In psychology, Man has female and male  characteristics . i mean , my protagonist and antagonist side.This is how i see it . Again , I go back to Truby’s in order to speak to my soul , because I am a human condition character who confronts  continuous hurdles until the nirvana moment , the climax.

           Oh God,writing is painful . It takes weeks and months to write my first and ever final draft. And surely, the moment has not come  yet. I pause a little , have a walk and may be go to Marrakech to abandon  the inside troubles of  revealing myself . Back again , I read  a lot and entertain my soul by reading the myths of the Joseph Campell Hero . The Character refuses to come out and I help myself to read Linda Seger‘s unforgettable characters .

           I am a beginner in filmmaking and all of my short stories which I have cinematically realized before, are written from my imagination . But now , the thing is different because my script must be different as Hollywood is always  asking for . I will never go to America nor to Hollywood but My journey to write , will never stop . That is for sure. My cinema audience is now  hungry for a powerful , well - structured feature film . My sole desire is to satisfy my audience empathically.

         Stop . I go back to listen to Trudy’s voice . Surprisedly, I write the double of me. Something urges me to enforce the demons  inside and make pressure on them . I cut the shit and go back and make a lot of research . I decide not  to use dialog but my character has to express himself  and please delete  the text and use only subtext . Then , I have to read it aloud while my wife is snoring .That will pace the thing . Cut the shit again and rewrite it .Oh how wonderful, Ingmar Bergman uses the economy of dialog.

             My character inside me is weak again. He has wounds and of course , I am a human being and surely I want to write a story of him  . The end of the story should reveal me as     self-revelation . I am an egoist writer because I like myself a lot . That is a revelation commented by my wife, already fed up with my books here and there in our rosy bed .  Do not worry honey, I am a changing man now, and I am going to write a story whose character utters words like I love you.

                                                                                                                   by  Allal
El alaoui