Sunday, January 11, 2015

The right to have ' la carte professionnelle Réalisateur CIP/ Cinéma '

     We, the signatories of this petition young filmmakers and passionate about the movies would like to express our indignation about the quality of film production in our dear country.

     Indeed, you are aware of the role the cinema in the image to a people of himself, of his identity, history and culture but also the image that other nations have of him. And when we see that the current Moroccan cinema gives us, we have the bitter feeling that our "filmmakers" laugh somewhere in our minds by presenting us with superficial works both in substance and form, works which betray the artistic incompetence of people whose only motivation seems to be monetary. Rare are the times or out of a projection we have the feeling of having seen a movie in the state of the art, and the empty chairs cinemas are the greatest witness. This leads us to ask the question: Is it worth the shot to produce 30 feature films a year?

Sir, you have a chance now more than ever to reconcile Moroccan citizen with its cinema opening the debate by questioning the current arrangements in place that only benefit a minority whose artistic effectiveness failed to prove itself in recent years. We need new blood!

Who has the right to make a film? Who benefits from the professional filmmaker card?
Young filmmakers are asked to make three short films that would be produced by a production box Approved by the CCM, and after obtaining a degree in theater. This is understandable since the goal seems to be to ensure the quality of films made, but in practice the reality seems to be quite different.

Indeed, by going to a licensed producer of these young filmmaker finds himself dismissed for not possessing professional card as a producer produces imagine that when access to the CCM background for the short and in order to access must have at least a first assistant business card. If that is not the definition of vicious circle !!

Sir, in the practice of Moroccan cinema, young director has to go through an obstacle course whose only real purpose seems to be to keep it closed "club" to new people except those who agree to submit to the game by putting any artistic ambitions aside and dignity. And cinema in all this?

We ask you, Sir, and through this petition to reconsider the requirements for this business card by opening the door to young enthusiasts talents, and armed with love for their country. Let's stop this useless hazing that only benefits greedy producers who continue to enrich themselves without giving any real contribution to Moroccan cinema. Open the doors to new talents, and the winds of a new era do float the banner of Moroccan cinema!