Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moroccan cinema against Moroccan cinema


From the blog of Mohamed Eddahane

                       The "world" of Moroccan cinema is particularly disappointing. I'm not talking about works produced and directed since independence but the film industry in the sense that Bourdieu gave the field term that is to say, those working in a field of activity at a given time and reports they maintain among themselves or with other fields.

                       In this sense the field of cinema includes filmmakers, producers, actors, technicians, writers, administrators, operators and distributors as well as critics and film journalists. This field does exist, even if no sociological study has looked so far on the study of scientific and documented manner. The rest of the sociology of culture and cultural agents is lacking in our country and cultural studies are in their infancy apart from some work on the music world.

                        I do not mean to remedy these shortcomings in this short article but draw attention to conflicting relationships that oppose each other agents of the Moroccan cinematographic field and the negative effects that these personal conflicts (rivalries, will power effects megalomania and paranoia) end up on the production and filmmaking itself. These conflicts often due to technical reasons and to say bluntly financial reasons. Players complain of being exploited and poorly paid by producers and filmmakers (who are often the same person) unscrupulous compliance with international standards. 

                      The filmmakers want CCM to favoritism and accuse members of the production aid commission, to be orders and encourage each and marginalize others. Filmmakers are jealous and are clans: the pioneers and young wolves, those here and those elsewhere, and for some time "Islamists" and the laity. And then there are the filmmakers of the old regime, who were pampered at the time Basri and their traditional enemies who intend to avenge the humiliation. As former director of the CCM is persona grata as distributor and producer and former star is banned from CCM activities. And then there are the new ruling authorities designated by the PJD who wish to impose their vision in a business area they are unfamiliar and where they have few customers .