Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Threshold by َََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََAllal El Alaoui

Rachid Ghalmi and Nouria Benbrahim

By Ali Karama

Writing about Moroccan history is not easy .Yet, this fact is tackled by both Khalid Akalai, novelist and Allal El Alaoui,filmmaker,together they have written a script based on a literary work by Khalid himself  named The Threshold .First ;the location was Tetuan but because of luck of support of this northen city, the shortfilm is shot in Kenitra.
Immediately after being introduced to the cinematic commission in 2013 spearhead by Abdelkrim Berrechid , the commission says yes to fund the shortfilm and Allal El Alaoui will assure its film direction.
The step is about an arabo-andalousian facet changing from beauty to ugliness presented by a Moroccan family that goes through hardships and political turmoil just to find its indentity.All important historical events starting from 1940 up to 21 century ; are performed by professional actors just like Nouria Benbrahim, Rachid Rhalmi,Larbi Sassi,Othman Alaoui ,Abdessamad El Ghorfi ; Sanae El Alaoui and not forgetting the marvelous collaboration of  Kenitra local community chaired by Rachid Belmaquissia.We have to mention also the cast coming  from civil society that has accepted to give a hand to Siham Alaoui ,the manager of Cinema And Movies Company.

Technically speaking, the vision of the director is translated successfully by Zakaria Ain,director of photography and Soulyman Ouali , cameraman,M’Hamed Belmiloudi ,lighter,Larbi Benshili ,make up,Ouafae Salim ;script-girl  and Zhor Idrissi as a costumist.