Saturday, June 07, 2014

Italian filmmakers protest against Moroccan consulate in Bologna

Ali Karam

Almi organised for the first time Moroccan Film Festival last Year spearheaded  by Adi Lasri .Now, Adil along with the same team that contains Morrocan staff with some Italian pro -labor in Bolognia such as Paulo Marzoni and Antonio De Pacco, have decided tobring film directors to Morocco .

Adil along with Aida, Mohamed , Lahcen and allal are eager to organize the second version of Film Festival but this time it is 100 per cent Italian . I mean too many talented film makers are interested to come to Morocco especially to Kenitra and Fes to orgonize th first Italian Film Festival spearheaded by ALMI,an association based in Bolognia.

Yet, Italian filmmakers protest along with Adil against Moroccan Consulate in Bolognia because of its bureacracy and indifference to the artistic project of ALMI. Italian artist will not come to Morocco until Embassy of Morocco makes an end to this bleeding ignorance to Moroccan mattersn states Dino Rossitto , an Italian film  maker living in Rome .