Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spirits of American screenwriting gurus in Morocco

By Ali Karama

The spirit of Syd Field and other screenwriting gurus have been present in Mekness, a town near Rabat.The teaching is made by Allal El Alaoui who seems more convincing to give lessons on three act structure , themes , loglines and characters .

Actions and reactions are also tackled before academic teachers coming from education .The debate goes so far as the students mention reactions of charcters in movies .From this context ,Allal  refers to Robert McKee’s statement that says ‘: "In story, as in life, the number of different events that can happen to a human being is limited. You win or lose; you fall in love or out; you suffer injustice or get revenge; you become a better person or worse, you live or you die. The list of actions that might impact a character's life is long... but finite. Reactions, however, are infinite. Ideally, every character is a unique, a one-of-a-kind combination of genes and experience. Therefore, how a particular character reacts to the events of his or her life is unique to him or her. Because reactions are character-specific, their possibilities are endless. More than any other aspect of storytelling, how you handle your characters' reactions spells the difference between originality and cliche, between good writing and great. Fill your story with beautifully told events, then put your energies, imaginings, and improvisations into reactions that are true only for your characters and no one else."

Characters should have values either protagonists and antigonists .Usually at the end of the movie , protagonist is influenced by several values of  antigonist and verse versa  .So,values are important to shape and form characters .The debate goes on talking about structure;  the spine of any scripts .Before you write, think of your ending of the story and do not write dialogue until you finish your script .

اللحظات القوية التي مرت في مدينة مكناس حيث قدمت دروسا حول السيناريو انطلاقا من نظرية سيد فيلد ومرورا من خلال نظرية أخرى مغايرة لروبرت ماكي وليندا سيكير كما قامت الأكاديمية التعليمية الجهوية بمكناس باستدعائي للمشاركة كعضو للجنة التحكيم والتي تضم محمد شرف رئيسا وعلال العلاوي عضوا ونادية التازي عضوا وأخيرا هشام الممثل المتألق
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