Thursday, May 29, 2014

house of fools by andrei konchalovsky

By Allal  EL ALaoui

                     Watching foreign intelligent movies without subtitles makes good difference .When i watch the house of Fools by Andrei Konchalovsky in its original language,Russian , i do not need an interpreter because i undestand every word of it .Yet,i get the story , I mean all the movie construction because simply this film is visually understandable. Being a movie-goer myself helps me a lot to follow the structure  and presence of its characters. The film is excellent in composition, poetry theatre and the amazing performance of its actors. I follow the eye of the camera ( The eye of Andrei Konchalovsky )   whenever it goes through events ;conflicts and compositions .

 Konchalovski has presented  a chef-d'œuvre not only in cinematography , montage and acting but also in showing us  plots ,subplots and cadrage.His film is a genre that will remain burnt into memory.

                     The house of Fools is « a winner of several international awards,this films tells the story of a psychiatric hospital on the border between Russia and Chechnya during the second conflict of 1996.With medical staff vanishing to find help,the hospital’s patients are  left to run amok,.Blissfully unaware of the terror of the war,the patients stick out in the  hospital, whose « guests » alternate between Chechnan rebels and Russian troopers.