Monday, February 17, 2014

"Abu Nahab " by Ahmed Snoussi in Amsterdam

By Ali Karama

Amsterdam is the next step ffor the Moroccan comedian Ahmed Snoussi Bziz who will prohibit his show and knwing that Si Ahmed has been prohobited from official media in Morocco for over 20 years, Snoussi intended to commemorate the February 20 Movement , on the occasion of its third anniversary .

This is the Theatre De Meervaart Amsterdam to house on February 26 his new show "Abu Nahab " (" The Looter ").
"Abu Nahab " is a relentless satire denounces the decay of power and its abuses in the
 post-revolutionary period known from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf.

Because since the emergence of an Arab sentiment that wants to emancipate and regain his freedom , plans that feel they have escaped the popular outburst of redoubled ferocity and ensure grain not to be surprised by the storm. It ignores the countdown was triggered and the dice are thrown .