Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Made in Morocco by Abdelouahed Mjahed

             Rbaty people are  impressed by the craft of Abdelouahed Mjahed who  has written a nice shortfilm called Made de in Morocco produced by Hassan Chaoui .The genre of his film is comic containing several stories of characters  facing daily life in Morocco. His work has been praised by cinema - goers and critics at the theatre of Mohamed 5  . Mjahed is a filmmaker whose free spirit is well known among his colleagues and SNRT film directors .

Well done Abdou

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Children Of The Sun By Allal El Alaoui

The glamour of SNRT film makers continues to shine - Fatine's Sarkat Bel lamaan - is in Tangiers

By Ali Karama
             Fatine has presented her shortfilm called - The Cry of Bel laaman -this shortfilm reflects the mood of Arab spring .Her film is funded by CCM starring Ahmed Hamada and more Tangiers actors . 

             Fatine is a SNRT film director employed at the Cultural channel named Arrabia TV channel.Fatine is the first SNRT film director funded by CCM and followed this year by Allal El Alaoui ,Al Oula Tv, in his coming shortfilm called The Step co-written by Khalid Akali and Allal El Alaoui  .

"Abu Nahab " by Ahmed Snoussi in Amsterdam

By Ali Karama

Amsterdam is the next step ffor the Moroccan comedian Ahmed Snoussi Bziz who will prohibit his show and knwing that Si Ahmed has been prohobited from official media in Morocco for over 20 years, Snoussi intended to commemorate the February 20 Movement , on the occasion of its third anniversary .

This is the Theatre De Meervaart Amsterdam to house on February 26 his new show "Abu Nahab " (" The Looter ").
"Abu Nahab " is a relentless satire denounces the decay of power and its abuses in the
 post-revolutionary period known from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf.

Because since the emergence of an Arab sentiment that wants to emancipate and regain his freedom , plans that feel they have escaped the popular outburst of redoubled ferocity and ensure grain not to be surprised by the storm. It ignores the countdown was triggered and the dice are thrown .

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bourghiba derrière prison par Raja FERHAT

New recommendations on media presented by Civil society associations

By Ali Karama

New recommendations on media are introduced by civial society and supported by the ministry of communication  to be practised on national televisions in Morocco.But, first these recommendations will  be sent to to the supreme media court HACA to supervise its bonds , and then it will be introduced to the administative assembly of SNRT in order to start using in it in  media .By the way , too many associations are fed up of corruption and unemployment already manipulated by mafia - like in the world of media which orphanize Moroccan technicians and artists.