Thursday, December 05, 2013

SNRT directors honored by the Ambassador of Italy in Rabat

On the 25th of novembre 2013 ; the ambassador of Italy in Rabat ; Mr Roberto Natale has invited SNRT directors to honor Allal El Alaoui by giving him his special Jury prize gotten in Parma Music and Film International festival 2013 .

Mr Roberto has been impressed by the presence of so many TV directors, actors  such as Khalid Brahimi, Raouf Sabbahi Aziz hayzoun and Adil Doukhou ,It has been noticed that some producers  have been present when delivering the prize to Allal.By the way, Richardo Moretti, The director of the festival and famous Music composer from Parma, was impressed by the filmic music composed by Brahim Belouafi and the excellet work of The Al Wassiya crew such as Mohamed Ahmich , Larbi Benshili ,Tarik Idrissi,mohamed Recham and actors like Moahmed Benbrahim, Fatima Bassour, Salah and Ben Salah and Kenza friddou.