Saturday, November 02, 2013

Nacer Khemir in Rabat

Nacer khemir is in Rabat to introduce his films namely Bab ‘Aziz ; a remarkably film about a prince who contemplated his soul .The idea was found by the Nacer himself when he visited Iran sometime ago.He went to downtown for shopping and he found a beautiful artistic plate painted in it that prince who contemplated his soul.Then, the concept becomes bigger and bigger to his mind finally he makes his movie out of it called ‘ Bab Aziz’ When i met up with Nacer in Rabat,He accepted to talk to me about it especially his character Hishtar ,the little girl accompaning the old man in his journey to find the face of Allah. she represented the soul of Arab thinking to find the truth via sufism , chanting and travel.

What amazes me in Nacer’s movies is his insertion of both culture of life and death .Filming Sahara is also something he loves and admires .We might say that Nacer is considered one of the most important comtemporary visual writers in the Arab world  .

"The desert… evokes the Arabic language, which bears the memory of its origins. In every Arabic word, there is a bit of flowing sand. It is also one of the main sources of Arabic love poetry. In all three of my movies… the desert is a character in itself."