Sunday, November 03, 2013

in memory of Larbi Doghmi

  doghmi by allal

This article was inspired and related to the book written by Abdel Ati Doghmi and Abderrahman  El Krombi

Written by Allal El Alaoui

I was invited to a nice restaurant somewhere in Hay Essalam in Salé .I passed by  handsome villas and one of them belongs to our great Larbi Doghmi.Our actor has lived an artistic life full of joy and happiness not ignoring of course some painful moments either physical or theatrical ones,because apparently Larbi loved theatre so much that he left handsome souvenirs in this field .

I am not denying of course that i was a student in Russian institute in Rabat matamorphosed into McDonald's plazza .Larbi's brother spoke good Russian and we used to play Katioucha before the family of Doghmi and the members of Russian diplomats .Sometimes, Larbi himself came along to watch us playing in that Insitute which had vanished like the disappearance of so called the soviet union. We were not communists nor marxists but we were Moroccan students who searched to improve their artistic life through theatre and music.

Larbi Doghmi ( 1931- 1994  ) will always be in the memory of Moroccan people  because simply he was a great commedian who made us laugh and cry too. when we got up early in the morning to go to school and when we went to theatre and when we saw his national and international movies .

Yes of course ; Larbi had been directed by international names such as  Francis Ford Coppola in that beautiful movie called ‘ The Black Stallion’ and also he played that oppressed man  called ‘ Brahim Yach’ directed by Nabil Lahlou and he appeared in Sohail Ben barka ‘s movie called ’Noces de Sang’ as well .

Larbi Doghmi had presence, charisma and humility . He was an actor of everybody in Morocco and he just can not be forgotten.The prove of this justification ; is his deep voice that  invaded and captured Moroccan minds and imaginations .That was  the golden age of Radio times during the sixties ; seventies and eighties in Morocco.Finally , Larbi played a poor man in Moroccan  play called ‘ Ammi Azzalett ‘ to a great role in an international movie called ‘ The man who wanted to be a king’ .