Saturday, November 30, 2013

FIFM 2013

Martin Scorsese head of the jury at he 13th session of the International Film Festival of Marrakech.
saturday, Nov 30

  This morning, a press conference was held for the jury that was selected by the organizers of the thirteenth session of the International Film Festival of Marrakech , in which fifteen films are competing for nominating prices. 
The jury was headed by the director, Martin Scorsese. The platform included the following members:

Patricia Clarkson of the United States of America . Anurag Kashyap of India. Goulhevch Farahani from Iran. Marion Quetar of France . Paulo Surrentin from Italy. Amat Escalante from Mexico. Nargis carpenter from Morocco . Park Chan-wook from South Korea. .Fatih Akin , of Turkish German background.

Scorsese's main expectations of the selected film/s

- The selected film must reflect the personal view of the film director . The director should have a distinct touch .
- The selected film must be using cinematic language . A picture is very important in communication, and using it raises questions such as; What does that mean? What is the message behind it?
- The selected film must react with the cultures of the world. Scorsese set Italian film making as an example of successful, worldwide cinema, as it involves universal human reaction. And the benefits of the cinema said it opens hearts to other cultures . 
 Scorsese clarified his point of view claiming that the lower social classes do not often read and films viewing insures that this particular social class is reached. 
 He then made a point that the youth should watch old movies as they contain messages in depth and are regarded as a real school for learning film making.
 Scorsese pointed out that there has been a tremendous increase in the numbers of movies made in the last twenty years. And that is a source of a great joy.  Movies certainly reflect the conditions of different cultures and societies, and represent the aesthetic standards of the era they are produced. He said that it is a pleasure that movies no longer come from only California, they now come from all over the world. This happens nowadays in such a fast way, which is so fortunate as the images allows us to know other peoples and cultures .
Martin Scorsese volunteered to answer most of the questions that the press asked the members of the jury. His influential personality reflected in a strong and persuasive talk of a great man in the wold of movie making. It was clearly noticed that he was the main focus during the conference. The Italian Paulo Surrentin, himself, revealed his admiration for Scorsese and did not hesitate to point out that he was inspired by his works and would not dare oppose him in any of his choices. 

Hassane Haizoune
The 13th session of the International Film Festival, Marrakech

Editorial of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid

The thirteenth edition of the International Film Festival of Marrakech has just eloquently concretized  values ​​that led to the creation of this annual homage to the seventh art. Thus universality is more present through the retrospective of Scandinavian cinema that will allow us to immerse ourselves in essential works of the North European imagination. 
Similarly, the talent and diversity of the members of the Jury, chaired this year by Martin Scorsese, testify to the vision and the opening of our international festival.

At this, the unmissable masterclasses , led by Abbas Kiarostami , James Gray, Nicolas Winding Refn and Bruno Dumont, will allow moviegoers to share movies and thoughts of great directors, which are associated to the philosopher Régis Debray . This openness to the world is reinforced by the Official Selection, which highlights films that transport us through feelings and realities that make of the cinema a global art in the service of understanding the other .

The International Film Festival of Marrakech is also - and this is now a tradition - serving our youth, our young students directors, who will present their first short films in the Cinécoles Competition

This celebration , which will illuminate the city of Marrakech for nine days, is also for the Visually Impaired, which for the fifth consecutive year, we will continue to offer through audio description , the beauty and the magic of the cinema .

Let us therefore live this wonderful experience that brings us together in Marrakech, and where the Cinema will be our language, carrying hope and brotherhood.

The President of the Foundation
International Film Festival of Marrakech
 Translated by Hassane Haizoune