Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fatim EL Ayachi,the girl who comes from power.

Written by Allal El Alaoui

It is no doubt that Fatim El Ayachi is trudging along to stardom and why not to mega-stardom too .I might exagerate a little bit but the girl has proved to be one of  the best actresses in Morocco. Fatim but not Fatima, the first name is more aristocratic than popular .But,Who is that girl as Madonna ; the US pop singer said ?

One of the secret of her sucesss ,is that Fatim has good fingerprints in the world of cinema ; surely her charisma , charm and beauty.This is one of the reasons  too many film makers are calling her to work with them such as Hakim Noury,Mohamed Echaouer,Farida Bourkia and Lahcen Zinoune .

Fatim defends movies  with great wit and intelligence  .She loves acting so much that she urges filmmakers to deepen their thoughts on roles .This has been proved in films that Fatim has played in such as Zineb Nefzaouiya ,a lucid and illuminating jew girl who loves to read books .Because of that intellectual passion, Zineb is portrayed by Fatim El Ayachi who becomes one of the most intelligent figure in the Moroccan politics.

The adaptation of the book already written by Zakia Daoud  is done and the film is made by Farida Bourkia whose television drama is still having great influence on her. .The movie was highly good in lighting and costume .However i think it is badly structured because simply Farida is still influenced by TV melodramas as i have mentioned before .

Between  The allowed and the forbidden,the sacred and the profane are items that Moroccans are involved with and they   become more plunged into  psychological dilemma that they could not get out from. Whether to follow the Iranian  cinema model or the western cinema one ; a controvercy and debate that overtake Moroccan imagination. Do Moroccans need psychological doctors or is it a normal state of feeling ? May be they need Algerian doctors to cure them from this lunacy .
( Joking)

In old times,actors used to find difficulties to find jobs either because of the production or luck of money but let’s not forget that old actors have done great sacrifices to work in media in general because simply Morocco has just come out from French colonisation and working for the nation was a sort of struggle to freedom and dignity.

Today it is different , There is money everywhere but we only talk about quantity or quality .Women find jobs easily than men .Is it sex appeal or passion of work that is something i would leave  for critics than for heaven.

Surely , Fatim is trudging along to stardom and she is becoming a brilliant actor ,although in Morocco the culture of stardom is debatable.El Ayachi has participated as the leading actor in three or four films . What she needs is only a film maker who snatches  light out of her belly as we say.SNRT directors begin to talk about Fatim and apparently one of them has already casted her for his future film  in 2014.