Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Death of Syd Field

TRIBUTE TO SYD FIELD -- We lost a friend with the death of Syd Field. Syd was a pioneer of the study of the screenwriting form. He was the first to challenge the old Romantic notion that writing a good script is a gift of divine intervention and showed that it comes from a craft that can be learned.

He also wanted to democratize screenwriting in Hollywood, so it wasn’t just a few guys on the inside, and instead it was open to anyone willing to learn and practice and master the form.

Syd was one of the most gentle, sweet and generous human beings I’ve ever known. I got to know him when we would teach Screenwriting Summits together. He had a wonderful sense of humor and we would have great fun kidding each other. I had looked forward to seeing him again at the Summit in London this past weekend. But it was not to be. I will miss him deeply.

  • Allal El Alaoui a great loss indeed.Yes , both Doctor Truby and Syd Field have great impact on me to write screenplays.Thank you vey much and May God Have mercy on you both