Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cinema and Movies got funding from CCM

The Commission held its third session under the year 2013, 12, 13 and 14 November at the headquarters of the CCM, under the chairmanship of Mr Abdelkrim Berrechid, with the participation the following members: Ladies Bendaoud Sabah, Fatima Ifriqui and gentlemen Driss Tahri Thami Hejaj, Louali Mohamed Mohamed Belfqih Mohamed El Kadmiri Abdelhak Afandi, Edkhil Bashir Mohamed Hicham Regragui and Tariq Khalami.

This commission has given Cinema and Movies spearhead by Siham El Alaoui 100.000.00 Dh as an aid to shoot its first shortfilm called ‘The Step’ which is a short story written by Khalid Akalai and it will be rewritten by the author himself and Allal EL Alaoui who will assure its direction next year in Tetoun found in the north of Moroccan .