Friday, November 01, 2013

'Al Wassia' In competition at The Film Festival of Nations in Immouzzar Kandar 2013

Mehdi Lamrani welcomes for the first time Allal El Alaoui 's short film called 'The will' that will compete international short films coming from all over the world .Mehdi has asked few question about the film of Allal and here is the summary of the interview .

You participate in the 10th edition of the film festival of nations with your film "The will." What is it exactly in this film?

It is about a nomad, already leading a caravan in Sahara, found that his wife is cheating in him but he apparently forgives her because this nomad has a heart so huge as the geography of the Sahara. This is an aesthetic movie dealing purely with forgiveness. Precisely this theme is chosen by the director because he believes the world needs it. .

- "The Will" is  produced by SNRT and presented to the Moroccan public several times already . Are you satisfied with the reception he has received?

Yes, I am happy because the film is well received by the public either in television or in cinema.

- "The Will" takes place in the landscapes  of Sahara  breathtaking beauty . 
What role the wilderness plays in this movie?

The desert plays a metaphorical role because it symbolizes the immensity of the 
heart of Sheikh played by Ben Brahim - Allah Yerhmo -

That welcomes you soon  What impressions have you on the Festival
for the first time?

It is a purely socio-cultural and remarkable festival but my opinion will be  more lucid and clear when I will be there .