Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nobody is analphabet in cinema

Written by Allal El Alaoui

There is no such word called ignorance in the world of cinema .I tell you why .Everybody from any rank of society can go to cinema theatres  and watch and understand the story of the film without difficulty he or she is watching . when getting  out from cinema theatres , people start to convey their thoughts and their citeria and this is excatly what great criticism do . Everybody becomes a critic from that simple peasant to witty aristocrats .Is not that wonderful ?

Analysing or expressing one’s point of view of a film after having watched it with sure thought ,wit and intelligence,  is a great sign of lecture. Literature people read words as for cinema-goers read visuals. This is the magic of movies  because cinema has never produced analphates and i think it never will , but istead it leads  its public  to good thinking ,great anticipation and exquisite taste.Cinema is linked to life and the will of living .Is not that great ? instead,i am not with the lazy people who believe that life is made to live easily without taking the risk to do any afforts.

In my country ,Morocco especially in Rabat people read 2 minutes per year.That is bad but bad for what ? the majority of  residents  do not read nor look for cultural books but they prefer to go out , make love and eat . There is no flaw in it because apparently the whole world wants to live this way of life and i think it is all about choice to make in one’s life .

Of course people misunderstand other people’s taste but who cares as long as one lives according to what  he or she chooses. From this context,i am sending a small message to Rabat; already becoming a cosmopolitan city , I suggest to my city to put small screens on Tramways from Rabat to Salé and vice -versa  in order to allow clients to see documentary films whose duration from 26 to 52 minutes and this is exactly the journey from Hay Karima to Al Irfane which is supposed to be the place of science and culture .