Sunday, October 20, 2013

No work only a wink for SNRT film directors

written by Siham alaoui

SNRT filmmakers and technicians will not forget 2012 and 2013 because simply there is no work in these years and 2014 is coming holding no sign at all  for work.It is dilemma not only for technicians but  also for media responsable s * 
 especially for those who work inside television as we say. Yes, course,other 
   film makers from production companies have all right to work .
Yet, no magic bullet either for this side or the other only emptiness and pain
.  filmmakers  are with lucidity and transparency but how long does it take to be so ? governement of Benkirane has changed but media remains as it is .

The 26 band of the 2011 constitution is clear as to urge media responsibles to open gates and support artists to realize their projects . The spirit of 2011 constitution clearly states ‘ local authorities must help artists to produce their artistic works .So, how can we solve this problem knowing that there are obstacles to get along to productions?

SNRT technicians  have this formula of 2011 constitution in their  side and yet there is no sign of work and everything seems to be flat . By the way national  film directors  have proven great skill and experience in producing handsome shortfilms and telefilms because apparently they have been appreciated nationally and internationally stating forexample people like Allal El Alaoui, Raouf Essabahi, Khalid Ibrahimi, Aziz Hayzoun ,Faker Mustapha, Mjahed Abdelwahed ,Hakim Bidaoui, and Driss Drissi.

Conclusions and recommendations of the communicative  meetings organized by SNRT on the occasion of the international market for the film underneath within the activities of the World Summit for local authorities and regional Rabat : 1 to October 4, 2013 in furtherance of its new communication and in the context of openness to its technical , media and cultural surroundings and  development, and under the slogan " SNRT : permanent Partner to Moroccan cinema " , organized by the Company itself
Four communication meetings with a group of actors in film and television drama , journalists and audiovisual critics.

 These meetings fall within the framework of a participatory approach applied by the company with internal and external partners , which led to open and frank dialogues between various participants in the four demonstrations .

These meetings also marked the presence of the elite of the national art filmmkers and producers , as well as Moroccans critics and journalists who unanimously agreed on the importance of uniting the efforts of all stakeholders in order to improve the productions of  Moroccan drama  in television .

The following are the main conclusions and recommendations of these meetings : script writing in television : focused discussions on Wednesday, 2 of October , which contributed to the union Moroccan scriptwriters , on three key areas associated with first draw features the current status of the screenwriter , and secondly propose solutions to overcome the current problems, and thirdly to provide roundtable summaries which includes the following points :

• valuation profession screenwriters .

 • the importance of training and continuous training for authors.

• develop mechanism to ensure copyright

 • develop a model contract for the scriptwriter.

 • strengthen relations between screenwriters  and channel product for better products.

 • clarify the relationship between screenwriters  and antenna .

 dialogue generations and guests had a gallery of National Radio and Television , on Thursday, October 3, 2013 dialogue appointment with the directors belong to different generations

 ( the pioneer generation and the younger generation ) . Having reviewed the pioneering director Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi his artistic vision stemming from his veteran experience , the young director Rauf Essabahi  has also been there to listen to his piont of view  .

Other interventions focused attendees to the need to establish bridges between different generations of filmmakers and the search for the most effective ways to exchange experiences among them , as well as organizing meetings testimonial embody recognition younger generation Balmkhrgen the pioneers who founded the business Moroccan television and film . The meeting closing : Show films Allvzionean " last romantics " and " Last Cry " in order to monitor the dynamic evolutionary taking place in the production sector company has been , in the meeting 's final these days communicative and organized on the evening of Friday, October 4, 2013 , the two films تلفزيونيين of the company's production the National Radio and Television . The first film is titled "the last romantics ," an internal creative director ( Khaled Ibrahimi ) , and has already won three awards at the Festival of Meknes for the television movie . The second is titled " Last Cry " to an external outlet is Muhammad Nusrat . After the debate , which opened after the submission of the film to attend, participants recommended that : • the need to double the company's National Radio and Television of efforts to invest in the creative energies that abound in order to enrich the product television Moroccan , so by giving creators more opportunities and enable them to mechanisms to Balachtgal with a the necessary confidence in their creative abilities , to contribute to the advancement of the sector . • intensify efforts audio - visual media and television production sector in order to achieve the quality of work that satisfies Moroccan viewers and raise rates seen , especially after exceeding the quantitative accumulation of work by the efforts of television , thanks to its existing strategy and download content - based book Althmlat . • Certainly the fact that the national and international recognition of the Moroccan television work in the national and international forums is not just a celebration of creativity Moroccan television but recognition of high professionalism and experience of a number of large Moroccan TV frames . • work to develop a comprehensive vision based on a participatory and integrated approach between the National Radio and Television and its partners to overcome the obstacles of television production , and the advancement of an incident that needs more support and rethink the programming mode enables a wider spread of television product . • the need to intensify the National Company for Radio and Television for its efforts so you can echo the success and reflect who you know evolution of television productions by supporting the participation of some creative works in television festivals and national and international . • the need to increase the budget allocated for the completion of selected television business in order to achieve high quality with the need to expedite the signing of the terms of the program is to create dynamic productivity to ensure availability of the product , as well as work together with all partners. • strengthening partnership with the clubs to mainstream cinema benefit citizens in remote villages across the organizing convoys cinematic , in addition to promoting the TV movie cinema halls to overcome the reluctance of citizens to frequenting cinema halls and dissemination of audio-visual culture more broadly. • an integrated organization of seminars involving both professionals and stakeholders in order to activate the recommendations and develop a road map for television production , with an emphasis on specialization in the field of audio - visual grant , inevitably, added value to television productions . On the sidelines of these forums, hugged porch National Company for Radio and Television , on the morning of Friday, October 4, 2013 , an international symposium on "ways of marketing Cinema South market Bank" participated in its activities a group of producers , directors and distributors of Morocco and some African and Arab countries and the West. Participants may exchange in this symposium and views on the best ways to achieve cooperation , " North / South " and " South / South " for the advancement of Moroccan cinema , African and Arab . As an appropriate form of this meeting to discuss the obstacles that prevent the intrusion of Cinema countries of the South to northern markets , and to propose the most effective solutions to overcome these obstacles , especially the development of an integrated approach to the sale and marketing strategy for films , African and Moroccan Arabic.