Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lahoucine El Hail's Book on screenwriting

El Hail is a creenwriter and has written a lot of scripts either for cinema,television and Radio.Lahoucine has collaborated with many tv and cinema film makers and now he has finished his second book on creenwriting.

His book is called writing cinematic scripts’containing exceptional technical words as to how to begin your first draft as a screennwriter .The book of El Hail contains handsome explanations to start your first draft .However some screenwriters have already delivered criteria about his book the fact that it lacks tutorilas of three-act structure,develpment characters or as John Truby states’Characters Bank’ and what is more writing cinematic scripts does not expalin the fundamentals of screenwriting forexample 3 D character,structure,pacing and plot.

Still Lahoucine EL Hail  is known in the Moroccan Cinema as good screenwriter just like Youssef Fadel, Noureddine Sail, Farida Bel Yazine and others .His book is already appreciated among cinema-goers in Morocco and already facebook –goers are asking the timing of publication because apparently screenwriting in Morocco is demanded  fervently in the business of film making .