Friday, October 18, 2013

Keys to Great Scenes

Each scene should move the story forward in terms of both plot and

character. The scene you are now writing should be motivated by a

previous scene, and should motivate the next. One creates anticipation

for another in cause and effect. If the central character gets involved

your scene is probably moving the story forward. All scenes should

direct us to the Showdown at the end, which is the biggest scene, or

sequence of scenes, in the movie. What is the payoff for this scene?

Who do I need this scene? What is my purpose for this scene? Does the

scene reveal something new about a character and/or story? At the end,

does the audience want to know what happens next?

Never tell what you can show. Be as visual as possible. Rather than

someone talking about someone doing something, show us that person

showing us that thing.

Avoid talking heads. Add events behind just two people talking.

Every dramatic unit has a beginning, middle, and end.