Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pants of Blood by Allal El Alaoui

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Sex practised  by married couple is still a taboo in Morocco.All Moroccan people know this fact very wel especially those who have already been married .Before night of the celebrated sex by the bride and the groom,The Married couple have to be accompanied by women so as to show them trousers of blood proving that the bride has not been deflowered  before .

We are not talking about the deflowrement of the bride but we are referring to the oppression that is excercised on both the bride and the groom. The man has to be able to make love to the girl and when he finishes ,he must give the trousers touched by blood to the women waiting outside .The married girl must be in the mood to make love too .It is a long psychological processus that the couple have to go through .

From This context, i have written a script about this situation . I have created a short story of a loving couple who have dreamt to make love all alone but when they become man and wife in front of God -, things become so difficult for them to achieve their objectif .The couple will confront all sort of mental, psycholgical obstacles to only make love .

Trouserd of Blood is a shortfilm produced for the first time by Cinema and Movies a production company based in Kenitra spearhead by Siham El Alaoui, north of Rabat-Salé.This script is written and directed by Allal El Alaoui starring Kenza Fridou,Hind Dafer ,Abdellatif El Asri ,Lamallam Mohamed Taoufik ,Chaimae Zayi,Amina Bouhou and the remarquable participation of Bola , a beautiful cat raised by Iman and Hanan El Azzouzi.