Thursday, September 19, 2013

Allal El Alaoui scooped by Paula Bonelli

il cinema marocchino sarà presente al "PARMA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL" grazie al regista marocchino Allal El Alaoui che partecipa con suo film "il testamento". buona fortuna al cinema marocchino.
السينما المغربية ستكون حاضرة في المهرجان الدولي للموسيقى السنماءية بمدينة بارما الإيطالية بفضل المخرج المغربي علال العلاوي الذي سيشارك بفيلمه "الوصية." حظا سعيدا للسينما المغربية.

Allal El Alaoui is interviewed by Italian journalist Paula Bonelli on his film 'The Will’, which will be Screened in September 27, 2013 in Parma around 15h 45m.

1) The Will is a film about the meaning of forgiveness. How is the idea of this film?

This is true. 'The Will' is a film about forgiveness. As an artist who lives in this very troubled world, I think this world is so violent and unjust. So, we need to impose the culture of forgiveness. Our desert is so vast and mysterious. I think forgiveness is practiced by people of the Sahara as they come and occurs in a quiet, spiritual and contemplative. So forgiveness between Sahrawis world is normal and desirable. two books have really inspired me to write and produce this short film are Citadel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the chemist by Paulo Coelho and of course the life of nomads Moroccans.

2) The desert is the protagonist of the film. What meaning is there in your culture?

The Arabs say that the Sahara is a garden of God .And God Himself contemplates his world through his garden, Sahara. The desert is used as a protagonist in my film because it seduces, loves and admires. Sahara is a spiritual cultural space where people contemplate the face of God, to know the true meaning of forgiveness and the human march.