Monday, September 30, 2013

Allal debutes his first comedy called the pants of blood

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Released early 2014 short film " Pants of blood," directed by Allal El Alaoui

Moroccan director Allal El Alaoui has just finished shooting his new film " Pants of blood," a comedy about the challenges, constraints and sexual dysfunction caused by the ritual which are subject newly weds during their wedding night .

The short film , which Allal El Alaoui also wrote the screenplay, tells the story of a couple who will face the wedding night, several difficulties and obstacles such as an obsessed wedding photographer and some  tricks made by stepmothers , also the couple will face a raged and  pregnant cat  that will further complicate their sexual act.
" By restoring the image of the Moroccan scenes from traditional life, he is also working to develop a cinema that does not turn its back on the traditional most intimate habits of our society ," said Allal the director of the short film.

After " Aoulad Cham " ( the children of the sun ) , filmed in 2011 in Kenitra with 80 pc of local actors, Allal El Alaoui back in this town to shoot his new film , which he explains in an interview with the MAP, discusses the psychological state of cutting the first night of intimacy .

In this comedy, he said , he wanted to defend the right of newly weds in order to enjoy their tranquility during their intimate wedding . He emphasized that his comedy does not address the issue of virginity, but rebelled against the tradition of a noisy crowd that comes knocking on the door of the bridal chamber to demand the bloodstained pants , guaranteeing virginity of the woman and man power . What, he laments , transforms a happy communion stressful and distressing situation , and is the cause of psychological problems , often involving the newlyweds in a quandary .

The scenes of trousers blood product thanks to the support of the municipal council of Kenitra , were filmed in this city and Rabat.

Most comedians are some of Kenitra and Fes , including Abdellatif Lasri , which the director predicts a similar Othman Alaoui future, he says he found in the popular districts of Kenitra , Hind Dafer and Kenza Fréto and several new faces in the city of Kenitra .

Allal El Alaoui announced on this occasion , have created with her daughter ......... production company in Kenitra and discussed the construction project, in the same city , a studio production of children's films for the small screen . Currently , the first step is to research the field to the studio in coordination with the company Iyadi production.

It also announced that it is preparing the first Italian film festival in Kenitra . " I had arranged with the President of Moroccan workers in Italy Moroccan film festival I participated with the short film" Al Ouassiya "( Wills ) . In return, the Italians have asked me to organize a festival of Italian film in Morocco . "

Besides' Pants blood "," Children of the Sun "and" The Will) , Alla el Alaoui was also the scenario and the making of the documentary " Madinati - Ummi " movie, and participated in the implementation of the TV - movie " al Warith , " the feature film " Ahmed Gassiaux " the documentary " The gates Tetwan "and" Hanan from Morocco to Galicia . "