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Allal debutes his first comedy called the pants of blood

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Released early 2014 short film " Pants of blood," directed by Allal El Alaoui

Moroccan director Allal El Alaoui has just finished shooting his new film " Pants of blood," a comedy about the challenges, constraints and sexual dysfunction caused by the ritual which are subject newly weds during their wedding night .

The short film , which Allal El Alaoui also wrote the screenplay, tells the story of a couple who will face the wedding night, several difficulties and obstacles such as an obsessed wedding photographer and some  tricks made by stepmothers , also the couple will face a raged and  pregnant cat  that will further complicate their sexual act.
" By restoring the image of the Moroccan scenes from traditional life, he is also working to develop a cinema that does not turn its back on the traditional most intimate habits of our society ," said Allal the director of the short film.

After " Aoulad Cham " ( the children of the sun ) , filmed in 2011 in Kenitra with 80 pc of local actors, Allal El Alaoui back in this town to shoot his new film , which he explains in an interview with the MAP, discusses the psychological state of cutting the first night of intimacy .

In this comedy, he said , he wanted to defend the right of newly weds in order to enjoy their tranquility during their intimate wedding . He emphasized that his comedy does not address the issue of virginity, but rebelled against the tradition of a noisy crowd that comes knocking on the door of the bridal chamber to demand the bloodstained pants , guaranteeing virginity of the woman and man power . What, he laments , transforms a happy communion stressful and distressing situation , and is the cause of psychological problems , often involving the newlyweds in a quandary .

The scenes of trousers blood product thanks to the support of the municipal council of Kenitra , were filmed in this city and Rabat.

Most comedians are some of Kenitra and Fes , including Abdellatif Lasri , which the director predicts a similar Othman Alaoui future, he says he found in the popular districts of Kenitra , Hind Dafer and Kenza Fréto and several new faces in the city of Kenitra .

Allal El Alaoui announced on this occasion , have created with her daughter ......... production company in Kenitra and discussed the construction project, in the same city , a studio production of children's films for the small screen . Currently , the first step is to research the field to the studio in coordination with the company Iyadi production.

It also announced that it is preparing the first Italian film festival in Kenitra . " I had arranged with the President of Moroccan workers in Italy Moroccan film festival I participated with the short film" Al Ouassiya "( Wills ) . In return, the Italians have asked me to organize a festival of Italian film in Morocco . "

Besides' Pants blood "," Children of the Sun "and" The Will) , Alla el Alaoui was also the scenario and the making of the documentary " Madinati - Ummi " movie, and participated in the implementation of the TV - movie " al Warith , " the feature film " Ahmed Gassiaux " the documentary " The gates Tetwan "and" Hanan from Morocco to Galicia . "

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Parma 2013 Jury special award goes to Allal El Alaoui

Allal has got 2013 special Jury Award from Parma Italy 2013 .The prize was given by the general director of Sony and the compositor Riccardi Moretti.

Premiazione del Parma Music Film FestivalSi è svolta sabato sera nel salone delle feste del Circolo di Lettura e Conversazione di Parma la cerimonia di premiazione dei film vincitori della prima edizione del Parma International Music Film Festival.

La giuria del festival, composta dal regista Maurizio Scaparro, dal compositore Riccardo J. Moretti, dal direttore artistico della Sony ATV Roberto Mancinelli, dal docente di Storia e Critica del Cinema dell’ Università di Parma Michele Guerra e dal critico cinematografico della Gazzetta di Parma Filiberto Molossi ha assegnato i premi ai seguenti film:

La Violetta d’Oro alla migliore colonna sonora è andata al giovane compositore australiano Stuart Hancock per il film Plants of Qatar, che ha ricevuto il premio dal sindaco di Parma Federico Pizzarrotti.
La Violetta d’Argento per il miglior film è stata assegnata al film austriaco Abgestempelt (Timbrato) di Michael Rittmannsberg, consegnato dall’assessore alla cultura di Parma Laura Ferraris.
La menzione d’onore al miglior interprete è stata vinta dall’attrice italiana Bianca Guaccero per il film Si può fare l’amore vestiti?
La menzione d’onore per la miglior fotografia è andata a 6 giorni sulla terra di Varo Venturi
Il premio per il miglior cortometraggio è un ex-equo: Cantarella di Diego Dada e Amore a prima vista del regista inglese Mark Playne
La menzione d’onore per la miglior SONG è andata al film americano Naked di Sean Robinson.
Il Premio Speciale della Giuria è stato assegnato al film marocchino Al Wassia (The Will) di Allal El Alaoui ed infine il Premio Speciale Spazio Cinema al film Extreme Jukebox di Alberto Bogo

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Stuart Hancock for Plants of Qatar

Michael Rittmannsberger for Abgestempelt

Bianca Guaccero for Si può fare l’amore vestiti

(ex aequo) Amore a prima vista and Cantarella

Varo Venturi for 6 giorni sulla terra

Ketie Zaffran for Naked

Allal El Alaoui for Al wassia

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مساء الخير

يتشرف علال العلاوي بإخباركم أنه فاز فيلمه القصير - الوصية - إنتاج الشركة الوطنية للإذاعة والتلفزة بجائزة التحكيم الخاصة في المهرجان الدولي للموسيقى والفيلم   بإيطاليا وذلك يوم امس في مدينة بارما .وأخبركم أنه تعذر على علال العلاوي الذهاب الى إيطاليا حيث مثله كل من المثقف الإيطالي باولو مركوني ورئيس جمعية عمال إيطاليا السيد عادل العسري 



j'ai l'honneur de informer que La SNRT dont le film est Le testament d'Allal El Alaoui  a eu hier  le prix spécial de jury de festival international de musique et de film à Parme en Italie .

وإليكم الروابط 

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Stuart Hancock for Plants of Qatar


Michael Rittmannsberger for Abgestempelt


Bianca Guaccero for Si può fare l’amore vestiti


(ex aequo) Amore a prima vista and Cantarella


Varo Venturi for 6 giorni sulla terra


Ketie Zaffran for Naked


Allal El Alaui for Al wassia
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

CV of Fatima Zahra Quanboua El barnousi

Fatima zahra Qanboua is a Moroccan actress.She is young full of  energy ,passion and talent,She is born in the  2 October in Rabat (Morocco).aged 22 years
She has studied drama and theatre arts in ' l'institut supérieur d'art dramatique et d'animation culturelle' in Rabat

Fatima zahra Qanboua est une actrice marocaine.une jeune pleine d'ambition, de passion et de talent,Elle est née Le 2 Octobre a rabat (Maroc).agé de 22ans
Elle a étudié à l'institut supérieur d'art dramatique et d'animation culturelle

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Allal El Alaoui scooped by Paula Bonelli

il cinema marocchino sarà presente al "PARMA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL" grazie al regista marocchino Allal El Alaoui che partecipa con suo film "il testamento". buona fortuna al cinema marocchino.
السينما المغربية ستكون حاضرة في المهرجان الدولي للموسيقى السنماءية بمدينة بارما الإيطالية بفضل المخرج المغربي علال العلاوي الذي سيشارك بفيلمه "الوصية." حظا سعيدا للسينما المغربية.

Allal El Alaoui is interviewed by Italian journalist Paula Bonelli on his film 'The Will’, which will be Screened in September 27, 2013 in Parma around 15h 45m.

1) The Will is a film about the meaning of forgiveness. How is the idea of this film?

This is true. 'The Will' is a film about forgiveness. As an artist who lives in this very troubled world, I think this world is so violent and unjust. So, we need to impose the culture of forgiveness. Our desert is so vast and mysterious. I think forgiveness is practiced by people of the Sahara as they come and occurs in a quiet, spiritual and contemplative. So forgiveness between Sahrawis world is normal and desirable. two books have really inspired me to write and produce this short film are Citadel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the chemist by Paulo Coelho and of course the life of nomads Moroccans.

2) The desert is the protagonist of the film. What meaning is there in your culture?

The Arabs say that the Sahara is a garden of God .And God Himself contemplates his world through his garden, Sahara. The desert is used as a protagonist in my film because it seduces, loves and admires. Sahara is a spiritual cultural space where people contemplate the face of God, to know the true meaning of forgiveness and the human march.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pants of Blood by Allal El Alaoui

Written by Allal El Alaoui

Sex practised  by married couple is still a taboo in Morocco.All Moroccan people know this fact very wel especially those who have already been married .Before night of the celebrated sex by the bride and the groom,The Married couple have to be accompanied by women so as to show them trousers of blood proving that the bride has not been deflowered  before .

We are not talking about the deflowrement of the bride but we are referring to the oppression that is excercised on both the bride and the groom. The man has to be able to make love to the girl and when he finishes ,he must give the trousers touched by blood to the women waiting outside .The married girl must be in the mood to make love too .It is a long psychological processus that the couple have to go through .

From This context, i have written a script about this situation . I have created a short story of a loving couple who have dreamt to make love all alone but when they become man and wife in front of God -, things become so difficult for them to achieve their objectif .The couple will confront all sort of mental, psycholgical obstacles to only make love .

Trouserd of Blood is a shortfilm produced for the first time by Cinema and Movies a production company based in Kenitra spearhead by Siham El Alaoui, north of Rabat-Salé.This script is written and directed by Allal El Alaoui starring Kenza Fridou,Hind Dafer ,Abdellatif El Asri ,Lamallam Mohamed Taoufik ,Chaimae Zayi,Amina Bouhou and the remarquable participation of Bola , a beautiful cat raised by Iman and Hanan El Azzouzi.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mohamed Jihi,The spine of Kenitra

Written by allal el alaoui

Kenitra has recently celebrated its one hundred years of its creation by the french coloniser, general Lyautey.. One of the mystery of this city is that when it sleeps , it takes its time to sleep ,but when it wakens up , it does with new fresh spirit full of energy and giving.

Kenitra is doing well now vis-à-vis sports that is speahed by intelligent people such as Mohamed Jihi , Ahmed Hiki, Haj Faout and Aziz rabbah .It might reach its national record as its famous Kac player Mr El Boussati who has impressed national and international press by holding national goal record 27 goals.

Kenitra is trudging along with sure path that is full of enery and lead by willing people just like Mohamed Jihi already known of his lightfull intelligence especially dealing with great wit and support the  civil societies . Mohamed Jihi was a political social militant and now he is great symapthizer with PJD but generaly speaking he is a man of wit and promise and keen to help associations and artists to  promote Kenitra culturally and sportively.