Thursday, August 01, 2013

for whom Iranian cinema tolls

The first Iranian film festival was held in London and showcased 35 inspiring films by Iranian artists. PHOTOs: PUBLICITY

The Iranian film industry is not very active until 1945, and the majority of the films are foreign films. In 1941, about 250 movies screened in Iran, 60% of American films, 20% of German films, 5% of French films and films from 5% to URSS37. In 1950, the figures show strong growth in the film industry. There are 80 rooms in Iran, including 20 in the open. The total annual hearing is about 9 million people, with a population of nearly 17 million habitants38. In the same year 1950, 450 films are screened, 85% originating from the United States, with the remainder divided between Britain, Egypt, France, Italy, India, the USSR and Iran. Between 1950 and 1955 fifty-eight films are produced in Iran. In 1958, there are twenty-two companies producing films for average budget of five million rials per film.

 The number of feature films produced annually in Iran goes twenty-five in 1959 to fifty-five in 1966 and four to twenty in 1971 and down to sixty-one in 1976. The number of producers triple between 1950 and 1970, from twenty-two to sixty-seven. The cost of film production increases during the period 1966-1976, while the Iranian economy is inflationary. The number of theaters in the country has also increased significantly after World War II: from 142 in 1959 to 453 in 1975 (including more than a hundred in Tehran). In 1974, 473 films are screened in Iran, 30% of American origin, 13% from Iran, 12% of Hong Kong, with the remainder spread less than 10% market share each from France, India, Britain, Japan, Turkey and URSS9.