Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taza fighting hard to being

written by Allal El Alaoui

Taza is a small town situated in the north east of Morocco .Can Taza become a cosmopolitan city in the future? Sure; why not .when New York was only a little village in the eighteen century, its locals have worked hard to become what it is now , I mean more than 32 millions  .Can Taza become the capital of Morocco instead of Rabat. Sure, why not we know that Taza has played excellent roles in the history of Morocco because apparently the people of Taza are more resistant than ever. They have fought Spanish and French colons too. They are brave and courage knowing that even Mao Tsi Tung has taken the tactics of war from Rif Mountains to fight thr British .So, Taza is a developing  town , fighting to become one of omportant cities inthe east and it also fighting local  Lobies  known as ‘ Fassi Fihris ‘  who blockade its development  economicaly, sociologically and politically.

Can Taza become cinematic? Yes, sure it can because it is all about  a moderate man called Mohamed Bahi Alaoui wo wrote the first script in Morocco called " Imilchin and Yettou ' .So the Tazi people are really the pionners of everyting and  have thought to build the first cinema studio in a place called Tenssan around Taza but the project failed due to low budget. When I was in Taza , I have noticed that this city is surrounded by black Atlas mountains and green Rif mountains . The contrast of these mountains is unique and surely it has great impact on the people of Taza who seem very naïve in their looks but courage and noble in the fight against the outsiders.Two major tribes are fierce fighters among them is Al Ghayatin.

Taza is known of its caves, the only town in Africa which has too many caves especially the famous one called Freeouato; mysteriously abyssed in high mountains and you may walk in it about three kilometres only in the dark. Although this town is directed by neighboring cities just like Hussaima and Fes,Taza;having the first five star hotel in Morocco metamorphosed in a military institution, want eagerly its own autonomy because it feels able to make miracles knowing this small town lacks the minimum thing just like an agency of tourism which is already shamefull.